Notification by Welfare Auth
Occurred On
Maribyrnong IDC
Incident Summary
Smoke alarm actIvated room 1 Zone A
Informed By
Incident Number
Location Details
On Sunday 22nd November at 13.00hrs Duty Operations Manager Nelson Meechan was alerted to a Fire Alarm, He was informed that the Alarm was coming from Room 1 Zone A which houses Client s. 47F(1) When Mr Meechan arrived a the room he could smell cigarette smoke he asked the clients if they were smoking in the room they said yes, Mr Meechan then informed then of the Code Of Conduct,. At approximately 13.07 hrs the Melbourne Fire Brigade arrived on site Senior Station Officer Mathews asked to to be taken to Zone A, On his arrival, Mr Mathews was satisfied that all was safe, All alarms were re-set and the response was stood down at 13.17. At 13.18 all fire units left site I submit this report for your information and attention Duty Operarations Manager Nelson Meechan

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