Unlock more information about incident 1-2TXMUZ by submitting a Freedom of Information request for its Incident Detail Report, with just a couple of clicks.

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What is an Incident Detail Report?

A Incident Detail Report contains more information about an incident. It can have multiple, more substancial accounts of what happened, list incidents related to this one, indicated whether minors were involved and more. These reports are extremely useful for investigating the detention network and provide important information about a range of detention issues. For example, see Incident Detail Report 1-3CTBC9 and compare to the summary incident report.

Why make a request?

This is a way for everybody to help increase transparency and accountability in Australian detention facilities. If this is an incident that you think warrants further investigation, if it raises more questions than answers or if you simply want more clarity as to what happened then this is how to get it. Adopting this incident is a great way you can contribute to the Detention Logs project.

What should I expect?

Lodging a freedom of information (FOI) request is easy. There is currently no application fee so all you need to do is follow the ‘Adopt Incident 1-2TB9HT’ link at th top. You’ll find a pre-written request for the detail report for the incident you were just exploring (Incident 1-2TXMUZ).

Your communication with the FOI Officer assigned to your request is handled through the Right to Know website, a fantastic tool by the OpenAustralia Foundation that makes it easy to use Australia’s FOI system. At Right To Know requests are listed publicly which means that others can help you with your request if anything confusing comes up, and once released, the documents you request go public straight away. We’ll add those documents to the incident reports on our site so everyone can access this public information.

Once the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has acknowledged your request, one of the first things they will do is request an extension of time. We recommend you do not consent to this extension because the documents you will be requesting are not long and it should not take them much time to process.

If you request many incident reports at once the Department may try to charge you or say that it is an unreasonable diversion of their resources and refuse to process it. We recommend that you limit the amount of incidents you request at any one time to between one and five to reduce any potential costs.

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