Voluntary starvation (<24 hrs)
Occurred On
Maribyrnong IDC
Incident Summary
Zone B
Informed By
Service Provider Staff
Incident Number
Location Details
Client s. 47F(1)informed the A/Operations manager Ron Grinter that he has not eaten for a number of days. A/OM Grinter asked s. 47F(1) why and he stated that he can not eat the food here and that the company does not supply the food. A/OM Grinter explained that the company Serco supplies three meals per day and he can get other food on request for snacks by way of a request form. s. 47F(1) said that he can not eat the food. A/OM Grinter then placed s. 47F(1) on 30/60 observations and explained to him as to why he has been placed on SASH.

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