Accident/Injury - Serious
Occurred On
North West Point Immigration Facility
Incident Summary
Client Admitted to Hospital with Stomach Pains
Informed By
Service Provider Staff
Incident Number
Location Details
Client s. 47F(1) was seen by the medical staff at North West Point Client s. 47F(1) was complaining of pains in his stomach, at 1405 hrs the client was escorted to Christmas Island Hospital where a examination was conducted and the Client was found to have suspected Appendicitis. Client s. 47F(1) was admitted to the hospital for a possible Medi Vac to Perth at a date to be determined. Nelson Meechan. Client Services Manager. 29.12.2009 @14.30 This update is information recieved from IHMS , Today at 14.10 hrs CSM .N.Meechan was informed that Client s. 47F(1) was not being transferred to Perth as first intimated, Client s. 47F(1) will be kept in Hospital for another few days under observations. Nelson Meechan Client Services Manager from South 2 Compound of NIDC to RDH.

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