Assault - Minor
Occurred On
North West Point Immigration Facility
Incident Summary
At 17.30 HRS a Code Blue Clients fighting was called by CSO R.Marrell
Informed By
Service Provider Staff
Incident Number
Location Details
On Monday 28th December 2009 CSM.N.Meechan was informed of an Incident in White 1 Compound when A Code Blue Response was called by CSO R.Marrell as Client s. 47F(1) was seen by CSO Marrell punching Client s. 47F(1). When Mr Meechan arrived at the Compound he was informed that incident was finished and he had spoken to both Clients , Mr Meechan asked the Clients if the altercation was finished both Clients said Yes , Mr Meechan also informed the Clients of the Code Of Conduct they had signed and asked them both to read the document . The response was stood down at 17.40hrs .

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