Failure - IT Systems
Occurred On
Perth IRH
Incident Summary
Monitor in the PIRH Controll room stopped working.
Informed By
Service Provider Staff
Incident Number
Location Details
CSW Gibbons noticed on 0450 - 13-12-10 that the monitor for the security cameras at the Perth Immigration Residentual Housing (PIRH) had stopped working and showed a grey screen. Perth duty manager Neil Whatcott and PIDC CSM Geoff Gregory. At 0530 a maitenance request was sent off to resolve FM, Work order #1737145 In responce to the downed cameras, CSW Staff are doing increased Internal perimiter checks and there is one officer on static post in the yard. Diac Officer M. Reynolds contacted at 0740. (This IR was created at 0742, not 0942 due to Time zone differances on the computer.)

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