About Detention Logs

Detention Logs is a new independent project committed to transparency and accountability in Australia’s immigration detention network. We aim to support those reporting on and discussing these issues by breaking through misinformation and political spin.

Immigration detention is one of the most hotly debated, contested and emotional topics in Australia, but journalists’ access to detention centres is limited and information from the inside is scarce. Public policy surrounding asylum seekers and immigration should be shaped by informed opinions, and our mission is to arm the public with those vital facts to raise the standard of discussion.

We have a special focus on supporting journalists in understanding and accessing more information to help them investigate and report on immigration detention. We also produce our own original reporting and analysis of the data that we publish to help explain its significance and put the questions it raises to those accountable.

As we continue to build and expand the site we want to hear from those using the information. Let us know what features you would like to see, and contact us for any feedback, contributions or requests.

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You can also connect with Detention Logs on Twitter with @detentionlogs and on Github with DetentionLogs.

The Team

Luke Bacon
Current contributors
Pip Brown
Luke Bacon, Lawrence Bull, Paul Farrell
Data processing
Luke Bacon, Pip Brown, Lawrence Bull, Paul Farrell, Vincent Farrell, and Peter Francis

Designer & developer
Luke Bacon

Bryan McLeod

Thanks to Wendy Bacon, Bryan McLeod, The Global Mail, New Matilda, OpenAustralia Foundation, The Australian Centre for Independent Journalism and The Guardian Australia.